Dogtra E-Collar Training

We are experts in advanced communication off leash with our customized Dogtra e-collar canine training programs. From off leash training to gentle behavior modification, our expertise in Dogtra e-collars can help bridge the gap between on and off leash control for your dog.The e-collars use state of the art microcomputer technology. The receiver has an automatic control that limits the stimulus to eight seconds. The Dogtra’s filtering system prevents reception from outside sources.

We have training programs for the following:


  •  Off leash respect and conditioning
  •  Gentle off leash behavior modification
  • Jumping up, excessive rough play, countertop stealing, slamming front door and windows
  • Excessive barking


Dogra Company

We only work with the safest collars. Dogtra Company produces the world’s finest e-collars. Dogtra’s focus is on offering user-friendly e-collars that are designed for the most demanding training conditions. Dogtra offers a complete line of e-collars from small-breed pet trainers to a variety of sporting dog units as well as K-9 Police work. Let us recommend the right one for your dog.




(Low to medium power)

The Dogtra ARC features a low profile receiver collar that is ergonomically shaped to your dog’s neck. The ARC is a low to medium output e-collar designed for all breeds with medium to soft temperaments.  Read More.

[content_box style=”golden”  title=”280NCP Platinum”]

280NCP Platinum

(Low to medium power) The 280NCP Platinum has all the desired features of our pro-line collars but at a lesser price. This is a great choice for mild mannered dogs that do not require a high level of stimulation.  Read More. [/content_box]

IQ Plus Remote Trainer

IQ Plus Remote Trainer

(Low to medium power) The iQ Plus combines many of the features found in full size remote trainers, in a compact form, great for dogs of a variety of sizes. Our small, yet powerful e-collar is built for dogs 10 pounds and up, and is a terrific choice for dogs with mild temperaments. Read More.