Golden opportunity for a golden retriever rescue

bear“Bear” is a beautiful golden retriever I have personally agreed to work with as a rescue+adoption project. Are you the right fit for this huggable dog?

Bear came to my attention through my work as a professional trainer and breeder. Although I am not directly involved in dog rescue placement, occasionally I encounter a case which has the potential for a happy ending as long as the canine in question can mend its questionable ways.

In Bear’s case, the issue is situational aggression. Because he has bitten in a few situations, no rescue organization is willing to take him. I am convinced that the “situations” which triggered his aggression can be resolved, so I am working with him to change his behavior and am also conducting interviews to find the right placement for this lovely animal. Ideally, I would love to place him with a couple or single person with no young children.

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Bear is a 7-year old golden retriever with a beautiful bronze coat and a sunny disposition.  He is active, affable, loving, and a loyal companion. His favorite things are playing fetch and riding in the car, but he also loves hiking and showing affection. He is low maintenance and easy to please. He can be left alone and uncrated, and finds his way back home when let out.  Moreover, he has been professionally trained.  Bear loves his family members and doggie friends, but he has experienced some isolated incidents of aggression involving food when around small children or small dogs. For a family without toddlers or small rivals, Bear could be the family dog that you love, and then remember fondly, for many, many years.

He is located in North Shore of Massachusetts and is currently living with me.  Please contact me via email: or phone 978-815-9057.

Please share on Facebook. I will be interviewing people over the phone and setting up appointments. Serious inquiries and home with no young children only. Thank you!

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