Is your dog ready for the beach or park

SophieInSnowAlthough this past winter was brutal up here in northern New England, we and our dogs enjoyed a bonus: the opportunity to romp unleashed in public parks and beaches without the usual restrictions.

But spring has sprung, and along with it most community leash laws will soon be back in effect. For example, many communities restrict dogs from having access to public beaches between 9am and 6 pm May through October. Will your dog freak out or go into withdrawal when it suddenly no longer has its favorite go-to spot?

While you may be aware of the calendar, your dog isn’t. After having had free run of public places during the off-season, your dog doesn’t know that it now has to toe the line. Please help your pet adjust to the new seasonal regulations about on-leash behavior by gradually getting it back into seasonal behavior. Here are some tips:

  • Between now and May 1, allow your dog to romp and frolic but include some periods of on-leash walking at your favorite park or beach.
  • Transition your pet away from beaches and parks and help it get re-acquainted with walks through your neighborhood and downtown.
  • Inspect your leash and harness to make sure it isn’t in need of repair or replacement.
  • If your dog doesn’t know how to walk comfortably on a leash, it’s time to learn! Dogs love to learn, and they love to please you. Please do them the favor of signing them up for basic obedience and leash training so that both of you can enjoy the new warm season and all it has to offer.

Contact us to find out about our in-home training services. Get the family involved and give your pet the chance to enjoy a well-rounded and balanced social experience year-round!


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